Maker Fine Coffee, North Richmond

Maker Fine Coffee

Maker Fine Coffee – secret laboratory for great filter brews. Photo: the Coffee Cities Project

It’s tucked away among the factories and warehouses of a North Richmond back street and hidden behind an anonymous roller door, but Maker Fine Coffee’s recherché location just makes it doubly worth seeking out.

Behind the door is a bright, minimal but comfortable warehouse space designed for enjoying the fine single origins and blends that owner John Vroom roasts behind a glass wall at the back.

Vroom and his partner, Stephanie Manolas, ran Ora in Kew, which served some of Melbourne’s best cafe food, but the focus at Maker is on the coffee.

The seasonal coffee menu might list an Aricha Yirgacheffe, a Kochere Yirgacheffe and a Kenya Oreti, and Vroom and his crew of baristas brew these coffees via espresso, V60 and Aeropress with the care and attention they deserve.

Maker Fine Coffee

Guatemala gesha – floral aroma, toffee sweetness. Photo: the Coffee Cities Project

You see that care in a Guatemala Las Mercedes Gesha. In a V60 it has a light floral aroma, lovely toffee-like sweetness, a really clean palate, a full mouthfeel and hints of malty black tea. It’s a special, delicate coffee that makes a top filter brew – as good as any in Melbourne.

A short black of the Colombia Bruselas is extracted with equal care. The sweetness here is darker and more like burnt toffee, and it has a full, creamy mouthfeel, some hints of dried cherry flavour and a nice savoury-bitter finish.

Vroom says Maker Fine Coffee taps into Maker culture, applying modern technology to a hands-on, DIY approach to roasting and serving coffee, while the space is designed for maximum interaction with customers.

The food at Maker Fine Coffee is simple – toasties of cheese, or pulled pork, or kale and pesto – and sweets like a classic Canadian-style maple pecan tart with lovely buttery pastry and an intense nutty maple-syrup hit.

Maker Fine Coffee

Where 47 North Street, Richmond
When Tues–Fri 7am–3pm
Food ★★★☆☆
Coffee ★★★★★


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